What is rubyproof?

If you’re here, you probably have a dog. It might be a good dog, a bad dog, a pretty dog, or a working dog, but at the end of the day, it’s still a dog! That means that, like us, your backyard is likely littered with fragments of toys from days gone by.

We’ve been dog owners for many years, and as time has passed, we’ve noticed a trend. Most things that we bring home for our girls end up tattered and torn into thousands of pieces, but occasionally (and all too rarely) there are products that survive - and are actually still recognisable – long after toys from the same era are relegated to the bin.

Gradually, we’ve learned to buy not just anything from the local pet stores – we’ve had to hunt far and wide to find things that last. Not just toys, either: everyone with a dog has lived with bowls that get chewed, collars that break, leashes that fray, and beds that don’t get slept in. These days, we limit our purchases to things that we know (after much experience) work for us – things that are rubyproof!

Our aim is to provide you, the dog owner, with a one-stop-shop for tried and tested products that we know can withstand lots of time and teeth. Our mission is to try to reduce – if only by a little bit – the amount of scrap fabric and plastic blowing around backyards of Australia, and replace it with quality products you and your dog will be able to enjoy for many days ahead.