Ruby Ratings

Mankind has yet to produce a truly indestructible dog toy - there will always be a more stubborn and persistent dog - however some are coming close.  All of the toys on our site are rated according to a Ruby-calibrated scale.  The higher the Ruby rating, the more likely the toy is to survive a dog like Ruby.  A small selection have even earned the coveted 11/10 on our scale, which means that they're the most durable dog toys on the market.  We'd suggest that if you have a dog like Ruby, you stay up around the 9-11 range of the scale!

You'll notice that we don't sell much below a 6 rating.  That's because while plenty of dog toys exist at that level, we're simply not interested in selling you something that will be destroyed in a single bite!

Ruby Rating:
11 - The few, the proud.  These are virtually indestructible and will be bouncing around your backyard for years to come!
10 - Not many toys can withstand a determined attack by Ruby for any length of time, but these can!
9 - If you're after something to withstand a vigorous game of Tug-of-War between a couple of dogs, these are your toys!
8 - Walking the delicate balance between durability and charm. Certainly not weak, but better suited for playful rather than destructive dogs. 
7 - These have real character, and are great for playing with, but won't be able to stand up to a determined chewer! 
6 - These toys trade strength for fun! Great for supervised games, but definitely not chew toys. 
5 - Reinforced soft toys that are great for gentle dogs and puppies who want something to cuddle, not chew.
4 - Hard plastic or rubber molded toys that might stick around for a few months, but only after being shredded into several pieces.
3 - Soft plastic 'chew toys' that are often shaped like a rubber chicken or pork chop.
2 - The average soft toy from the discount bin - these tend to spread stuffing around the room within seconds.
1 - A truly worthless dog toy. The packaging probably lasts longer than the toy does.