Our Product Testers

The real brains behind our operation is a select group of dogs that very carefully and thoroughly test each and every product listed on this site.  Some things make the grade, but many others fall under the onslaught of claws and teeth. These are our girls:

Ruby is the muscle in our product testing.  She has a surprising ability to destroy almost anything that comes her way, whether it be a couch cushion or a solid oak coffee table (sometimes, she plays with dog toys too).  Ruby was left on the doorstep of a Vet in Newcastle as a puppy, and we picked her up from Hunter Animal Rescue shortly after. A Staffordshire Terrier x Ridgeback, she's happiest when she's playing a never-ending game of fetch or having a long swim in a fast-flowing river.

Yarn brings sophistication and intelligence to the partnership.  Less interested in playing with toys, she's much happier studying them for flaws and inherent weaknesses.  Yarn joined our family from the Blacktown Animal Control facility after we found her on PetRescue - she was picked up off the streets after Christmas with no microchip or tag, and never claimed by her original owners.  A Staffordshire Terrier x Whippet, she is equally happy lazing on the couch or sprinting at full speed after the neighborhood birds.