Welcome to rubyproof.com.au

As dog owners, we've all wandered the aisle of Pet Stores looking at the array of things on offer, and wondered: is my dog really going to play with that toy? Do I really want my dog eating that treat? Will this make my dog smell any better??  With so much 'fill' on the market these days, it can be hard to track down products that are actually made for actual dogs, instead of things that are manufactured simply as something else to sell.

Here at rubyproof.com.au, we aim to provide Australia's finest selection of dog products made for real dogs.  We want to provide you, the dog owner, with high quality toys, collars, leads, harnesses, flea treatments, grooming accessories, and treats that we know can withstand the test of teeth and time.  We've used the products that we sell with our own dogs over the years, and can vouch for the effectiveness of every item in our inventory.  While we don't claim to stock the widest range available, you'll find that we sell a quality selection of the best dog products available in Australia.