Zogoflex Tizzi


The Zogoflex manufacturers are so confident that their products will withstand the toughest of chewers that if your dog does manage to destroy it, they will replace it for free! BPA-free, phthalate-free and non-toxic, these are made from a durable plastic blend that stretches, bounces and floats. If it gets dirty, it's dishwasher safe. And if you're trying to reduce your environmental impact, you'll appreciate the fact that Zogoflex products can be recycled indefinitely - if you do need to send it back to the manufacturer for replacement, it will get ground up and turned into a brand new Zogoflex product!

If you're all about getting bang for your buck then this is the toy for you. Form truly follows function when it comes to the Tizzi: the hollow body can be stuffed with treats, and the extending handles can be adjusted according to your needs. 'Lock' the handles shut for a more aerodynamic design and watch it sail through the air, open them wide to stuff treats inside, or grab one each for a game of old fashioned tug-o-war.