Wooly Bone


When we first got a sample of these Wooly Fun toys, we didn't have high hopes - made out of pure wool, it is super soft and doesn't look all that strong.  We were rather looking forward to watching it explode into a cloud of fluff 3 seconds after Ruby got her teeth into it!  We were pleasantly disappointed, however, when it not only survived the first altercation, but also the second, and the third, and some very rough and tumble tug-of-war between Yarn and Ruby.  In fact, it still looks pretty good even after a month of play!

The secret lies in its simplicity - no stuffing, no seams, no specific parts to chew or rip - it's just a single piece of wool spun into a dog-friendly shape.  While these toys definitely won't cope with any sort of destructive chewing, day-to-day play is no problem at all.  We definitely advise against leaving these alone with your dog if you know they're the sort to chew on their toys out of boredom, however - you will come home to find fluff between their teeth - call it dental floss!

So, if it's not Rubyproof, strictly speaking, why are we selling these?  Simple.  We believe in supporting (and selling) great dog products - and these aren't just throwaway toys that are mass-produced to sell for as cheaply as possible.  They're hand-made in Nepal out of 100% renewable New Zealand wool, and are dyed using natural vegetable dyes that are safe for you and your dog.  We wish more manufacturers were this environmentally thoughtful when they designed their toys!

Approximately 21cm in length.

Ruby says: "Environmentally friendly and sheep-flavoured - what's not to love!?"