Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer


The Quiet Spot dog tag silencer is a true sanity saver for anyone who flinches at the sound of jangling dog tags.  Until we picked these up for our own dogs, we lived in fear of an ill-timed dog shake waking up the baby that we just spent an hour trying to get to sleep.  Aside from sleep-deprived parents, other beneficiaries of these 'collar wallets' include light sleepers, bushwalkers, joggers, home-office types, assistance dog owners, or anyone else who wants to reduce the noise footprint around their pet.

Beautifully simple, these are made in the USA out of weatherproof Neoprene, and are printed with a 3M Scotchlite reflective logo for better visibility after dark.  The soft-but-strong construction is gentle on your dog, keeps your tags clean and scratch-free, and prevents light-haired dogs free from 'tag tarnish'.

Ruby says: These Quiet Spots sure do wear well! I've had mine on my collar 24 hours a day for over a year and a half, and it's still going strong!

Yarn says: Before I got my Quiet Spot, the birds could hear me coming from the other side of the yard.  Now that my tag noise has been camouflaged, I've finally got an advantage over them! Now I just need to learn to fly...