Foobler Feeding Puzzle


We all have to leave our dogs alone from time to time, and that's often when they unleash their destructive powers. The Foobler is another toy to add to your 'keep them busy' arsenal.

Puzzle toys are designed to give your dog a mental workout, dispensing food or treats as your dog plays with them. The problem with many standard puzzle toys is that your dog can eat all of the treats in one go, and then have nothing left to occupy themselves (except that couch cushion or new pair of shoes). This is where the Foobler is different. It has six separate pods, and your dog can only empty one at a time. Set the timer - for 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes - and the Foobler will do the rest for you. After the set amount of time, a bell (an actual bell, not a digital buzzer) will ring to alert your dog, and one compartment of treats will be made available. 

If you have a guzzler (Yes, we're looking at you, Ruby) you've probably tried all the various 'slow feeding' bowls available to make sure your dog actually stops to breathe during the eating process. The Foobler can help, providing a means of offering a total of 2 cups of food for your dog in smaller courses instead of one big bowlful.

Please note: the Foobler is a puzzle feeder and not a chew toy. While designed to be highly durable (constructed out of food-grade HDPE plastic), it should not be left alone with an aggressive chewer until you are confident your dog understands the dispensing process. It is ideal for you to introduce Foobler to your pet in an interactive manner to help them understand how it works to deliver food.  As with any dog product, be aware of how your dog interacts with the Foobler, and remove immediately in case of damage. 

Approximately 15cm in diameter.  Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included) and a Philips Head screwdriver to open the battery compartment.

Ruby says: "I don't have a watch, but I know that when the bell rings on my Foobler, it's time to play!"