Bionic Urban Stick


Made out of the revolutionary Bionic Rubber, the Bionic range is dog toys as they should be - colourful, bouncy, and very durable!

The skilled team at Bionic have excelled themselves with this toy.  A modern take on an old classic, this urban stick feels right at home either in the inner city dog park or out in the Australian bush.  The stick features softly rounded edges and contoured ridges to make it easy to throw and satisfying for your dog to chew while the weight is balanced towards the ends of the toy so it can be thrown longer distances.  We've found the bright orange colour makes it irresistible to our dogs - even Yarn, who isn't often interested in chasing toys.

The durable bionic rubber means this toy should last for years - if it gets dirty, throw it in the dishwasher (or the pool - it floats!).  While no dog toy can ever claim to be truly indestructible, we feel this is as close as you can get to that claim today.  In the very rare case that you dog actually manages to damage it (or you hit it with the lawnmower), Bionic Rubber is 100% recyclable.

Small: Approximately 23cm
Large: Approximately 29cm

Ruby says: "This is way better than the stick that I normally play fetch with - no wooden bits to get stuck in my teeth"